Strong summer heat and humidity is expected this time of the year in south Florida.   So far in July, we’re actually getting a surplus.  Temperatures are running wildly warm (especially at night).  As the new work week begins, we’ll still be void of dramatically different weather.   One minor difference will be the return of more cloud cover, at least at times.  This extra shade will tend to mask the blazing sunshine during parts of the day.  Also, a welcomed stronger breeze will be moving in from the ocean waters.   As for rain chances, lately those have been on the low side.  However, now a better frequency of scattered showers will be possible through mid day… as the east coast sea breeze moves inland.  Some storms will form over interior south Florida as more boundaries merge.  Looking into Tuesday, we’re expecting lighter wind speeds overall.   With lingering moisture over the region, “hit and miss” showers will remain possible (and possibly closer to coastal areas).   Be alert for heavy downpours, in spots.  As the week continues, we’ll keep seeing highs above 90 degrees.   So far in 2016, by the way, we’ve reached into the 90’s on 40 separate days!   The peak of the hot weather season is now through August.

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