High rising temperatures have been the rule.   Across south Florida both day and night readings are running higher than normal, so it feels very steamy. On Tuesday, Miami soared to 93 degrees and it was also 93 in Key West (while Ft. Lauderdale hit 92).  The combination of the hot weather with a ton of high humidity factored in, leads us to a measure called the heat index.  Often referred to as our “feels like” temperature, it has been peaking between 100 and 108 degrees during the afternoon hours.  As a result of this extreme, it’s important that you stay properly hydrated with water.  Dehydration can occur rapidly and fluid intake is necessary.   Do you remember how bright and sunny our skies were this past weekend?   That was unusual for this time of year because the air was just too dry for billowing clouds.   Since then, more typical cloud cover has returned.   It’s been brighter near the coast and then turning wetter toward the western suburbs.   The inland storm focus is the result of colliding sea breeze boundaries.  This general pattern isn’t going to change anytime soon.  On Wednesday, we’ll at least get a stronger breeze from the ocean (albeit a steamy one).

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