Hazy days

Have you noticed more of a haze in the sky?   It’s the leading edge of expanding Saharan dust and generally drier air.  The batch is drifting into Florida from the east, although mildly interrupted by the Bahamas where there’s a finger of moisture.   This little push of moisture is in association with a weak tropical wave.  It will attempt to hold together as it gets closer to the Florida Keys into Tuesday afternoon and evening.  Parts of the south Florida mainland could also see a brief increase in rain showers, as well.   Following that small episode, and continuing through the middle of the week, you’ll likely see deeper haze returning.   Strengthening high pressure will also bring a boost in wind speeds off the Atlantic.  The onshore winds will do us a favor by cutting into the strong summer heat even though humidity will hold its grip.   The heat index, the measure of how it feels to the body after combining the actual temperature with the humidity, will often be above 100 degrees during the afternoon hours.   Make sure you stay well hydrated by drinking lots of water, seek shade and avoid “overdoing it” during peak heating hours.