Going up

After spending recent nights and days with cool air in place, we’re about to see a boost in temperature.   The cool stretch goes back to last Friday, when the first of two cold fronts moved by.   Since then, nights have been progressively cool (at least compared to what we’re used to in south Florida).   We’re also ending January with calm weather conditions.   Our light winds are courtesy of high pressure bridging across Florida and extending from the Gulf of Mexico toward the western Atlantic.   The high will remain anchored in it’s position for the rest of this week.   As you might guess, we’re about to enter a holding pattern.   Since the high will serve to block any disturbances from reaching us, we’ll continue to experience tranquil weather.    There’s also very limited moisture for any possible, organized rain showers.   You can probably set the umbrella aside for several days!  Finally,  the all-important wind direction will tend to be from the east.  That’s a warmer flow (off the ocean) resulting in comfortably warm readings for the area.   Enjoy the consistent “chamber of commerce” weather, in the days ahead!