Brief break

Many areas (with the exception of the Keys) are getting a minor break from the rain.   Showers are still concentrated from the western tip of Cuba,  across the Straits then extending northward.   Active rain bands with thunderstorms will still drift over the Lower and Middle Keys with heavy downpours and low visibility. Meanwhile, fewer showers hover near the south Florida mainland (late Monday) providing some much needed dry time.   Will it last?  Probably not.   Clouds continue to cover the region with thick humidity as deep moisture overspreads the area.  As we continue through the week, there’s a better chance of tapping into that moisture as it flows our way.   Also, the National Hurricane Center is keeping a watchful eye on the northwestern Caribbean where a potential disturbance is in the making.   Low pressure is expected to develop in that vicinity.  Should that happen, its slow movement could play a big role in our south Florida weather, later this week, with more rain frequency once again!   Stay tuned.