Big weekend

It’s a big weekend as we honor Mother’s.   In south Florida, we’ll try to keep mom as comfortable as possible, despite growing heat and humidity.   It’s a dry start to the weekend.   Only some high clouds have been moving our way, so far.    Temperatures are on the rise due to the return of southerly air.   A steamy breeze will continue arriving out of the tropics for the next couple of days.   The main weather feature to watch is the tail of a front which extends into the Gulf of Mexico from the southeastern states.   This boundary will get weaker over time but may provide the needed “lift” for a bit of rain on Mother’s Day.    On Sunday, the front will likely be near Lake Okeechobee while stirring up  areas of rain.   The day won’t be a wash-out, but we should expect scattered rain activity from mid morning through the afternoon hours.   Keeping that in mind, much of  Florida has been extra dry as of late.   Even though we may not want to deal with showers at this time, any rain will help with recent brush fire concerns.   Looking into next week, the mentioned front will dissipate as high pressure builds back over us.   Rain chances won’t completely diminish, but they’ll be more isolated (and related to the daily sea breezes).    More hot temperatures will follow.   Hopefully, a nice breeze will evolve from the ocean waters (we are including that in the forecast by Wednesday).   Once that happens, it will feel more comfortable and recent pollutants in the air will move far away.