Back to normal

You could say that we’ve been on a “weather roller coaster” lately.    On Thursday afternoon, the Miami temperature climbed to 91 degrees.   From exceptionally hot (in spring) it then dropped in the other direction.   On Saturday morning, the low was just 58 degrees.    Temperatures, now, are beginning to level off.    Expect seasonal weather to hold throughout the forecast period of the next week.   The weather map shows a huge area of high pressure that encompasses the Carolina’s, the Bahamas, all of Florida, and much of the Gulf of Mexico!    That will dominate our conditions over the next several days.   The high is also likely to strengthen and, in turn, onshore winds will increase.   The only local concerns for us will involve marine impacts.   Expect a high threat of rip currents at area beaches (swimmers heed caution) while boating could be a challenge with higher seas.   Outside of that, our weather will be pretty calm and generally pleasant.   As for rain potential, chances will be limited to “slight” and isolated… since winds off the ocean could send a couple quick showers toward our coast.