Back to jackets

It’s like “Deja Vu” all over again (to borrow the phrase).   Similar to early and mid December, we’re now getting regular intervals of cold fronts.   In fact, they’re arriving about every 4 to 5 days.   Because of this pattern, south Florida is getting more frequent cold snaps.   Also, since the air is actually warming in between these fronts, temperatures seem to bounce up and down, more than we’re used to!   The next cold front is digging into north and central Florida.   It’s set to arrive around daybreak on Monday.

This cold front will succeed in taking away our most recent warmth (Sunday).   Highs were in the lower to middle 80’s across much of south Florida including a record high in Marathon (85-degrees in the Middle Keys).

The initial impact of the cold front probably won’t be felt until the sun sets on Monday.   With drier conditions, our air cools more rapidly.   After midnight (lingering through the early morning Tuesday) the 50’s will return.   Unlike last week, there won’t be much of a breeze, or wind factor.   Distant high pressure will remain our weather-maker.   As our wind flow comes down from the north, even daytime highs will struggle to warm much through the middle of the week.   There’s a good chance that sweaters and jackets will be the “go-to item” in your household.   By the way, it’s also a great time to consider washing the car, as rain chances remain very slim through the rest of the week.