Another front, another cool down

A series of cold fronts have crossed south Florida over the past couple weeks (3 to be exact) and each one has delivered a sharp cool down.   That doesn’t always happen in south Florida, of course.   During February, fronts were either too weak to be noticed or just non-existent.   As a result, the previous month gave us a warm preview of springtime.    Now, we’re feeling unseasonably cool weather that’s back, courtesy of Monday’s cold front.   Breezy and drier air is also returning.   Temperatures will continue to settle back into the 50’s for lows.  The forecast is simple:  expect clear and quiet conditions for the rest of the week!   Temperatures will moderate during the upcoming weekend, beginning with a mild St. Patrick’s Day.   As high pressure shifts east toward the Bahamas, warmer winds will arrive.   Those winds out of the south will even have temperatures soaring back into the middle 80’s as next week begins.