South Florida will be facing two distinct frontal boundaries over the next few days.  As a result, each will bring a different combination of weather changes.   The first of these fronts is already nearby.   It’s stretched out across the Florida peninsula just south of Lake Okeechobee.  It’s basically stalled.   On Sunday, south Florida will remain “on the warm side” of the boundary (although there’s not much of a difference until you go much farther north).   Pockets of rain will move over favored spots, especially later in the day.   Meanwhile, local winds will veer out of the southeast and then directly from the south, through Monday.  That southerly flow will allow humidity readings to rise, as well as deeper “low level” moisture to move into the region.   Be aware that there could easily be some heavy downpours through the early part of the week.   This initial front will waver north, and then south again, through Tuesday.   Remember that second one that was mentioned?   It’s a true cold front that will be diving into the southeastern states and Florida over the next few days.   Once this front reaches us and crosses, you’ll know it.   Forecast maps show it reaching our location by Wednesday morning.   It will have no problem pushing away the thicker clouds and moisture.   Drier and cooler air will follow.  In fact, it should swiftly filter into the region with a sudden reminder that it’s not yet springtime.   Nighttime temperatures will likely dip into the 50’s during the second half of the week.   For south Florida, that’s considered a chill.   Of course, it’s also something that hasn’t happened very often since January.   Enjoy the cool change that’s ahead… there won’t be many more chances for cooling once the spring season gets going!

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