summer in swing

Even though it’s still technically spring, it’s been a leap into summer for all of south Florida.   High levels of heat and humidity haven’t budged for weeks, so we’re in “for the long haul” (with an extended season).   We all know that with summer comes frequent showers and storms, and it often doesn’t take much to get the activity stirring.   Already this week, we’ve watched as the daily sea breeze act as a forceful trigger.   While it’s impossible to “time out” any rainy periods, the most likely time frame for coastal showers will be during the late night and morning hours.  Then, as the sea breeze works inland, scattered storms will favor inland spots during the afternoon hours.   Be on guard, especially near the western suburbs of Broward and Miami-Dade during the midweek.     The weather forecast doesn’t call for any dramatic changes as we begin the new month of June.  Typically hot temperatures will only get a few breaks from passing downpours.   There are some hints that steering winds may veer more from the south by Friday and the weekend.   If that happens, afternoon storms will actually favor the southeast coast (and extra moisture may shift in our direction too).  Finally, the start of the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season is just hours away.   Don’t forget to check regularly with the 7 weather team to know if anything is brewing in the tropics.