WSVN — Fifteen months ago, Michael Deck died after his motorcycle was hit by a car that didn’t stop. Although investigators believe they now know who caused the accident, no arrest has been made. As 7’s Patrick Fraser tell us, Michael’s girlfriend wants to know why there is no justice for Michael.

On Feb. 8, 2015 Karla and Michael were on their motorcycle heading down Interstate-75…

Karla Winslow: "Out of nowhere, I saw this car out of the corner of my left eye. Something hit me on the head and then I remember absolutely nothing." 

Witnesses said the motorcycle had been sideswiped by a BMW that had been weaving in and out of traffic at 90 miles per hour. 

The driver of the BMW reportedly slowed down… then took off and disappeared. Michael would die at the hospital.

Fifteen months later, all Karla has are memories… and a memorial to the man she adored. 

Karla Winslow: "That’s his jacket. Those are his boots that he had on in the accident."

Then on July 1, 2015 … there was a break. The Highway Patrol obtained information from SunPass on the owner of the BMW they believed caused the accident…

According to FHP, the car belonged to Jorrico Montrell Williams…

On July 25th, FHP Corporal J.E. Baker wrote he spoke to Williams who told him he drove to the West Coast of Florida that day — by himself — to visit friends.

The BMW was in storage with a blown engine… Corporal Baker looked at the car and said he discovered scraping on the black molding. He added the damage was consistent of a sideswipe.

That discovery came nine months ago…

Karla Winslow: "I want to know why they’re dragging their feet. Why has he not been arrested?"

Investigations can be difficult… and proving that BMW hit the motorcycle and determining who was driving it takes time.

So Karla waited, but then on Jan. 25th of this year, there was a stunning development — Geico which insured the BMW sent her a check…

Karla Winslow: "That’s correct Patrick, I did. I got paid off from his insurance company."

The check for $6,666 dollars from Geico was made out to Karla… for her injuries after the BMW hit Michael’s motorcycle. 

Patrick Fraser: "Why would Geico send you a check if their client didn’t cause the accident?"

Karla Winslow: "I don’t know."

And the days rolled by. Still no arrest, no news for Karla when she called the Highway Patrol… 

Karla Winslow: "They said it was somehow still an ongoing investigation. How can it be an ongoing investigation when it’s paid off by the insurance company?"

Karla says an FHP investigator told her to be patient… to be quiet. After 15 months, her patience has run out. 

Karla Winslow: "I’m damn mad. I want to see him suffer, just half as much as I have. Just half."

Sgt. Mark Wysocky, Florida Highway Patrol: "No traffic homicide investigation is the same."

After we spoke to Karla, the Florida Highway Patrol told us they have now turned their investigation over to the Broward State Attorney to determine if charges should be filed against the owner of the BMW, Jorrico Williams.

Sgt. Mark Wysocky: "If that’s the name on the report that they submitted to the State Attorney’s Office, then that would be the person." 

And Karla’s question — why has it taken nine months after the car and owner were found?

Sgt. Mark Wysocky: "Just a lot of times, there’s other things going on. It’s not their only case, you know they work multiple cases. And in this case, once they got that information, they continued to go forward and investigate until they could make the appropriate charge."

The state attorney will decide if charges are filed. It’s something Karla says has taken too long… 

Karla Winslow: "I promised Michael that I would get justice for him and if it takes until my last breath, I will do that."

After 15 months of no justice, hopefully Karla will soon get justice. Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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