Ultra Upset: Miami to vote whether or not Ultra will return despite festival’s debts to city, vendors

(WSVN) - City of Miami commissioners are set to decide on Thursday whether to bring Ultra back despite the music festival still owing the city close to $1 million, and the city is not the only one waiting to get paid. 7’s Brian Entin explains why some are still “Ultra Upset.”

Whether Ultra Music Festival comes back to Miami is still up in the air, but one thing is for sure: some local vendors who worked on this year’s show still have not been paid, and 7News has learned Ultra owes the city money, too.

Commissioner Manolo Reyes, City of Miami: “I want to know the truth. That is all I want to know.”

Miami Commissioner Manolo Reyes asked the city manager to figure out what Ultra still owes the city for fire, police and trash services during the March concert on Virginia Key, and it is a good chunk of change.

The city says the outstanding balance is $866,449.

Commissioner Manolo Reyes: “We want to do business with people that they pay the bills and they pay the workers.”

As we first reported in May, some local vendors were also not paid.

Donna Milo, whose company ran piping so firefighters would have access to water at Ultra, was owed $28,000 but was paid right after our story aired.

Glen Larson is owed almost $230,000 for building the docks and floating walkways for the concert on Virginia Key. He still has not been paid.

Glen Larson, Dock and Marine Construction: “We’re a small family business. I’ve got 30 employees.”

Glen was getting nowhere dealing directly with Ultra, so he hired an attorney and is suing.

Henry Marinello, attorney: “A company like Ultra, an organization that’s been doing business for so many years worldwide — there is just no reason why they are not paying their bills.”

An Ultra spokeswoman told 7News that all matters with Glen have been settled, but he says he still hasn’t gotten a settlement. As for the money the city is owed, Ultra says “all undisputed claims have been paid.”

Brian Entin: “If they are not paying local vendors, is that a problem for you?”

Commissioner Manolo Reyes: “It is a problem, definitely a problem. When we do any business or we hire any contractor, we have to make sure that their workers are going to be paid and they are going to pay their bills.”

City commissioners will decide Thursday whether to allow the city manager to negotiate with Ultra about bringing the music festival back to Bayfront Park next year.

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