(WSVN) - Ultra Music Festival announced plans to leave Miami, but some of the concert’s vendors say Ultra is leaving them on a sour note. The Nightteam’s Brian Entin shows us why in his special assignment report: Ultra Upset.

Ultra is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world, and it takes a lot to pull it off.

Much of the work is done by local vendors like Donna Milo and Glen Larson.

Glen Larson, Dock and Marine Construction: “It’s a lot of small, local businesses that make the show what it was.”

Donna Milo, contractor: “We provided all of the work timely, and we worked very hard to get their event started on time.”

Donna’s company ran all the piping so firefighters would have access to water, and Glen’s company built the docks and floating walkways for the concert on Virginia Key.

The problem is — almost two months after the music festival — both say Ultra has not paid them.

Donna Milo: “It feels pretty bad when you bend over backwards to get somebody help to start an important event like that, and then they don’t answer when you need them.”

Donna says she is owed almost $28,000.

Glen says Ultra owes him almost $230,000.

Glen Larson: “We’re a small family business. I’ve got 30 employees.”

Donna and Glen tried dealing directly with Ultra, but say they were getting nowhere, so they both hired an attorney and filed these lawsuits.

Henry Marinello, attorney: “This is an organization that is worldwide. Pay your bills. Pay your contracts. Pay the people that make your show happen. Not just the artists, but the people behind the scenes who work hard and sweat out there day in and day out to make sure you can put on this show.”

Donna and Glen are suing Ultra Enterprises and Event Entertainment Group.

Their lawsuits say, “Ultra Enterprises is the alter ego of Event Entertainment.”

I tried calling and emailing Ultra but did not get a response.

On their website, they say Ultra 2019 was “sold out” with “170,000 attendees” paying hundreds for each ticket.

Glen Larson: “Millions of dollars. The kind of money that someone like me would dream about.”

Brian Entin: “So why can’t they pay you?”

Glen Larson: “Honestly, I don’t have a truthful answer. I’ve heard a lot of rumors, and my frustration is that nobody will tell me.”

Donna and Glen spent their own money for materials and subcontractors.

After waiting almost two months, Donna finally got paid on Monday.

But Glenn is still waiting — and is worried he may never see the money.

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