Making Her Mark: Pembroke Pines girl raises money for global nonprofit

(WSVN) - A Pembroke Pines girl is “Making Her Mark” at a young age, and other children will have her to thank for improving their lives. 7’s Craig Stevens has her story.

Michelle Moreno loves putting together puzzles.

Camila Moreno, sister: “This one goes right here, you see?”

And enjoying a game of darts with her family.

Moreno family: “Ohhhh!”

But this third grader is about so much more than fun and games.

Michelle Moreno: “There’s an amazing organization called Charity: Water.”

Michelle is a kid on a mission, raising money for Charity: Water, a nonprofit organization that provides clean water to people in developing countries.

Michelle Moreno: “So I thought, instead of getting something, I can give something.”

For her eighth birthday, she made a video asking for $8 donations instead of presents.

Michelle Moreno: “I was surprised that people, like, have to walk up to four hours to get like just a jug of dirty water. I ended up raising almost about $700. It made me feel happy, because now I know that I’m gonna be able to help get some people clean water.”

Now Michelle is getting another opportunity to help. Her work with Charity: Water got her noticed by Kidbox, a clothing company that donates a portion of its clothes to kids in need.

She was chosen to be one of 10 exceptional kids from all over the U.S. to be on the company’s 2019 Kids Board of Directors.

Michelle Moreno: “I was like, ‘Ahh!’ I felt like I was gonna explode like a balloon!”

Stephanie Moreno, mom: “It was awesome. Awesome news.”

Michelle and her mom Stephanie will soon be heading to New York for a meeting — and a new mission.

Michelle Moreno: (picking out clothes) “I love these!”

Each kid chosen for this year’s Board of Directors will be given $10,000 worth of Kidbox clothing to help disadvantaged kids in their own communities.

Michelle Moreno: “I can’t wait to go to Kidbox, meet all the other kid members and see what they’re gonna do with their $10,000 worth of clothing. They said I had to give it to someplace local, so I thought we could give it to Kids in Distress.”

For Michelle, this latest experience is just one more lesson in what’s important in life.

Stephanie Moreno, mom: “I’m just very proud of the little young lady she’s becoming. I would like her to maybe serve as an inspiration for other kids, that no matter how young you are, you can still do your part, you know?”

For her ninth birthday, Michelle says she’ll raise more money for Charity: Water, this time asking for $9 donations. She and her mom leave for New York next week.

Charity: Water

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