(WSVN) - A good man, minding his own business. Then in a hail of bullets, he was gone. That’s what happened to a North Miami Beach man two years ago. As 7’s Patrick Fraser tells us, detectives say it’s time for answers and they’re asking for your help.

Kyron Richmond was a man … a big man.

Carnice Richmond, victim’s sister: “He was just a big giant, but a gentle big giant.”

A good man who was in his yard helping a friend.

Leonard Augustine, victim’s brother-in-law: “He was lending his lawn mower to his neighbor when that happened.”

A nice gesture with horrible timing.

Det. Pam Denham, North Miami Beach Police: “They were in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

It was September 2014 when gunmen shot at a group of people in Kyron’s neighborhood. When they started to flee, they saw Kyron and his friend watching them from across the street.

Det. Pam Denham: “The gunmen turned their attention on them and started shooting at them.”

Carnice Richmond, victim’s sister: “He’s just standing there. Could have been a witness, so just turn around and shoot him.”

Several shots were fired at Kyron and his friend that day. His friend survived, but Kyron had no chance.

Leonard Augustine: “I just rush over and when I get there, I see this whole– police and the barricade and all that.”

Carnice works at Jackson Memorial Hospital and was there as her brother was rushed in.

Carnice Richmond: “When I got there, I saw him on the bed with a whole lot of blood everywhere.”

Carnice was told Kyron didn’t make it…

Carnice Richmond: “I just started crying.”

Kyron was dead … leaving police with a lot of questions and not many answers.

If the people the suspects were shooting at know the killers, they aren’t telling detectives. So the only information? It was three young black males who fled in a small silver car with untinted windows.

Det. Pam Denham: “It’s very frustrating. It’s frustrating not only for me, but for our department and for the family members.”

Police would love to close the case, but first, someone has to make an anonymous phone call to lead them to the shooters.

Leonard Augustine: “If you know something, it’s easy to come forward. Nobody know who made that phone call, so it’s very easy.”

On the street, it’s believed if you talk to police, you will pay. Not true says Det. Denham.

Det. Pam Denham: “All we can do is try and let them know we’re there for them. If they need protection, we can give them protection.”

A good man … gunned down.

Carnice Richmond: “I miss my brother very much.”

Three killers still on the loose…

Leonard Augustine: “For me, I like closure and closure is to know, well, somebody get caught … somebody’s paying for this.”

You can help someone pay for what they did to a big man … a big hearted man.

If you have any information, please call Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Calls are not traced and lines do not have caller I.D.

Patrick Fraser, 7News.

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