WSVN — Martin Amado: “A night stand serves as a coffee table at a person’s bedside. We often use it to place a lamp on top, an alarm clock, a phone. Everything and anything, right?”

Martin Amado: “Well, by being creative we can use trunks, a crate, even a chair, and give it the same purpose in a bedroom, but a decorative style so, so different.”

Martin Amado: “Let’s start with trunks. I bought three different sizes, and it’s as easy as stacking them up on the floor right next to the bed.”

Martin Amado: “These are great for additional storage. You can put throws, magazines, toss pillows, anything you want to hide.”

Martin Amado: “If you like a more contemporary look, this metallic stool might be just the thing for you. It works nicely with low profile beds.”

Martin Amado: “Another found object that you can turn into a night stand: these wood crates. You can basically stack them up this way for an industrial look.”

Martin Amado: “These cubby holes are great as a book case.”

Martin Amado: “If you like this idea but want to give it more of a modern twist, you can float one of the crates on the wall.”

Martin Amado: “I’m using two screws to float it on the wall, but before I did that, notice I drilled two pilot holes to prevent it from splitting. Remember to take into consideration the height of the lamp. If you go too tall, your lamp will be way up here.”

Martin Amado: “And finally, let me pull up a chair, because this can also function as a night stand. I know this might not work for everyone, but I am going to show you how you can style it to make it work.”

Martin Amado: “You can get the perfect height for the lamp if it’s too low by stacking up some books.”

Martin Amado: “All right, so whether you’re more traditional or like something eclectic, remember to look at objects in a completely different way, because you can turn them into a night stand for your bedroom and save a lot of money when it comes to decorating. I hope at least one of these ideas worked for you. Until next time, I’m Martin Amado for Room for Improvement.

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