AG: Beware of price gouging possibility during Hurricane Dorian preparations

(WSVN) - As Floridians spend the next several days preparing for a potential Hurricane Dorian impact this Labor Day weekend, state officials want to remind everybody to be on the lookout for price gouging.

Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency Wednesday afternoon, which effectively makes price gouging, or sudden spikes in prices, illegal.

According to Florida Statute 501.160, during a state of emergency, it is unlawful to offer to sell or lease essential commodities for an amount that is much higher than the average price during the 30 days before the declaration of the state of emergency.

Residents are urged to call (866) 9NO-SCAM or download the NO SCAM app in the Apple Store and Google Play Store to easily report price gouging.

The app allows users to upload photos of prices and receipts.

The only way for the seller to prove that they are not price gouging is if they show customers a price increase with market trends.

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