POMPANO BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A Pompano Beach homeowner recently uncovered a case of fruit theft as security cameras at his residence captured employees from a company pilfering mangoes from his yard.

Despite Chris Cousins’ clear “No Trespassing” sign hanging on the mango tree, these mango maniacs couldn’t resist the temptation, Wednesday afternoon.

“I got an alert from my security camera, and I looked and there were individuals from a work truck roaming around my yard,” said Cousins.

Cousins on Thursday shared surveillance footage with 7News. You can practically smell the mischief as a utility truck parks in front of Cousins’ home and several men, decked out in work vests and helmets, shamelessly snatched the fallen mangoes like it was a game show challenge, then casually strolled back to their truck.

Cousins, understandably miffed, spilled the mango-scented tea.

The homeowner said the group acted innocent, pretending to be hardworking employees, fooling everyone into thinking they were about to get down to business. Little did anyone know, their real mission was to swipe mangoes instead of doing an honest day’s work.

“They literally set it up like they were gonna do some work here, I think to not draw to ’em, and they set up a job to steal my fruit,” said Cousins.

In a jaw-dropping twist, the footage also caught what appeared to be a supervisor or foreman doing a final mango sweep making sure no mango was left behind.

As if things couldn’t get any juicier, while 7News was interviewing Cousins, he got an unexpected call. Lo and behold, it was the utility contractor on the line, asking for forgiveness.

“How can you ensure that this hasn’t before and is not currently happening to other people?,” Cousins asked while on the phone with the contractor.

The contractor told Cousins that those responsible would be suspended but did admit that she has not had direct contact with the group in the video.

However, Cousins, taking no chances, is considering upping his game. He’s thinking of planting a “Crime Watch Mango” sign on his property. But that’s not all. Cousins also has plans to build a fence around his yard.

Neighbors told 7News that Cousins actually gives his mango stash to the homeless, organizations or anyone who stops by with a mango-craving look in their eyes.

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