FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - A canine is receiving some much-needed emergency care days after she was found all alone inside a sweltering hot car. Thanks to veterinarians at an animal hospital, the four-legged friend is once again on her long road to recovery.

Esther is recovering her strength at a South Florida animal rescue, after she was found clinging to life.

“Esther, look what we have for you,” said Cindy Mucciaccio of iHeart Animal Rescue.

Esther was spotted in a car in Fort Lauderdale, Wednesday morning.

“The dog was in really bad shape,” said Brian Valera, who spotted the dog. “It was covered in feces.”

The dog was found dehydrated and hungry.

“She was pretty much bad on the spectrum,” said Mucciaccio. “Her blood level was a 10, and she needed to be a 15 in order to be away from getting a blood transfusion.”

After officials got Esther out of the car, a local animal rescue took her to an animal hospital. Doctors said they weren’t sure she was going to make it. Less than a week later, she’s out of the hospital and in good condition.

“We took her to the hospital. We got everything that she needed,” said Mucciaccio. “We had a blood transfusion for her yesterday, and she was able to come back. She went from a 9 to a 16, and we’ll be bringing her back tomorrow to check her blood to see if we need to do another transfusion.”

Esther is currently staying at iHeart Animal Rescue in Fort Lauderdale. She’ll be rehabilitating there for the next month.

“The starvation, her liver and her kidneys weren’t functioning properly, so we’re trying to get her past that and to bring them back up to the right levels,” said Mucciaccio.

The rescue said they hope this sweet dog will get adopted by a good person.

“Give him kisses, look at that,” said Mucciaccio to Esther.

The owner of the car told police he found Esther in poor condition, and let her live in the back of his car, where he also lives.

Police said no one will be charged.

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