DEERFIELD BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A dog, now named Ester, is in much better condition thanks to a good Samaritan and local veterinarians.

The South Florida man was walking past a parked car when he spotted the dog alone inside a hot car, Wednesday morning.

Law enforcement and fire rescue were able to get her out.

“Her prognosis is severely guarded; that means she might not make it,” said a veterinarian at Deer Run Animal Hospital. “Six to eight percent she’s dehydrated, not more or she is emaciated. Probably hasn’t eaten in, gosh knows how long.”

The dog was found dehydrated and hungry but is now in good hands at an animal hospital in Deerfield Beach.

“No one deserves that,” said Brian Valera.

Valera, along with his neighbors, spotted the car with the dog inside parked out front of their condo off Northwest Third Terrace and 17th Place. The car’s owner was nowhere to be found.

Not wasting any time, they called 911.

“The dog was in bad shape. It was covered in feces,” said Valera.

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue used the jaws of life to free the four-legged friend, and police later dropped her off to volunteers with iHeart Animal Rescue.

They believe that she had not been fed for weeks and was around 20 to 30 pounds underweight.

“The person who lived in his car, and then he had found the dog a few days before,” said Cindy Mucciaccio of iHeart Animal Rescue.

Mucciaccio raced Ester to Deer Run Animal Hospital where veterinarians continued her treatment.

“She’ll be taken care of. We’re going to do everything we can,” said Mucciaccio.

“She still has a guarded prognosis,” said Dr. Lance Weidenbaum. “Guarded means unpredictable. I mean, she still can die.”

As of Thursday afternoon, Ester has been hydrated and was fed two whole cans of dog food. She is stable but a doctor at the animal hospital believes the possibility of death remains on the table.

“Treating her with fluids, antibiotics, B vitamins, food, and also we’ve wormed her for every worm that you can think of,” said Weidenbaum.

The owner of the car showed up, but police are still investigating who the dog belongs to.

Despite the odds, volunteers are holding onto hope.

“I think we can bring her back,” said Mucciaccio. “As long as we have the funds and the donations, we will be able to help her. Get her past this, and then we’ll bring her back to life.”

To donate or help fund the dog’s recovery with iHeart Animal Rescue, click here.

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