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Towed From Driveway

Finding a parking space in South Florida is getting harder by the day. Sometimes, you park illegally and get towed, but how about this one?Read More

New Scam from Crooks

They’re called con artists because they are so good at conning people out of their money. To no one’s surprise, South Florida has too manyRead More

No Power to Condo

The association hired a plumber to repair a problem. Instead, they cut the power line to a condo — and when the condo owner wantedRead More

Wrong Police Report

She was hit by another car, and that person got the ticket, but in the report, the officer wrote that she hit herself. Impossible, youRead More

Bahamas Shipment

We all know how badly the people of the Bahamas needed basic supplies after Dorian hit the islands. One young lady came to South FloridaRead More