Moms are well aware there are places you want to go, and there are places your kids want to go. But if you can find a spot that has something for everyone, well, you nailed it. Welcome to POD 22.

This hot spot on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami is for kids of all ages.

Virginia Aguirrebeitia, Founder: “POD 22 is an indoor playground with a nail salon inside.”

While children are playing on a custom-made playground, parents can either play, too, or get pampered.

Virginia Aguirrebeitia : “‘Open play’ is when you will come, you will play with your kids. And ‘supervised play’ is when we actually baby-sit your kids while you’re here.'”

From the coffee station to the work corner to the nail salon, big kids can do grown-up things, while the little kids burn off some energy.

Virginia Aguirrebeitia : “For supervised play, the parent has to stay on the premises. We are not a drop-off place. This place is not a day care.”

Sit back and relax. Your kids are in good hands.

Speaking of hands, why not get your hands and feet done, too?

Kristen Scorza, customer : “It’s really convenient, because otherwise I wouldn’t get to pamper myself this way, and they also have a crew that oversees your kids while we are doing our thing.”

POD 22’s nail salon offers manicures and pedicures in a quiet space, while still letting you keep an eye on your kids while you’re chilling.

Virginia Aguirrebeitia : “For less than $60 you can get your nails done, get some time for yourself, your kid gets some time to play, and everybody is happy.”

The open play option lets parents beat the heat and play with their little ones inside the giant play space.

Virginia Aguirrebeitia: “In other playgrounds, there is like dirt and sand. POD 22 is super clean.”

From slides to high-tech games, manis to pedis, POD 22 is fun for everyone.

Virginia Aguirrebeitia: “The kids love the playground, and the only reason why I can say that they love the playground is because they generally nap in the car on their way home. That’s actually the best review you can get for, you know, a playground.”

Prices for POD 22 vary based on the services you pick. For more information, click on the web link below.

POD 22
8101 Biscayne Blvd
Suite 102
Miami, FL 33138
(305) 456-4791

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