(WSVN) - “Encanto’s” Jessica Darrow isn’t the only SoFlo star making waves in Hollywood. Cinthya Carmona is stealing the spotlight on Netflix.

Character in “Pretty Smart”: “And this is Solana. She’s a healer.”

Cinthya Carmona (as Solana): Bugs love vegans. They can sense we’re less threatening.”

Cinthya Carmona is a force to be reckoned with.

Cinthya Carmona (as Solana): “That card will reveal what the universe has in store for you.”

The SoFlo actress is one of the stars of Netflix’s comedy series “Pretty Smart,” and that’s pretty cool.

But what’s even cooler is how much she loves Deco.

Cinthya Carmona: “If you live in Miami, you watch Deco Drive. You’re like, ‘I wanna be on that, I wanna be there, I’m gonna be there,’ and here we are.”

Cinthya grew up as a dancer, and she’s starred in Netflix’s “Greenhouse Academy” and “The Tax Collector” alongside Shia LaBeouf.

She tells Deco she feels especially connected to her “Pretty Smart” character, Solana.

Cinthya Carmona: “I love that I get to bring my essence to this already amazing character. She’s so much fun. I mean, she’s a healer, and she used to be a lawyer.”

She’s also got a lot of love for the series itself.

Cinthya Carmona: “The show itself was amazing. Like, my eyes light up when I talk about it. It was so much fun to work on. It’s such a happy, light show, and it reminds me of those ’90s sitcoms that we all grew up on, right? Like, it just gives me this happy feeling in my stomach.”

Cinthya’s living in L.A. these days, but says she never forgets the 305.

Cinthya Carmona: “Miami made me who I am. My sassiness, my street-smartness, my sense of humor, my love of everything Latin culture related. Miami is my soul, and it’s my core.”

There’s also one thing we totally have L.A. beat on.

Cinthya Carmona: “I’ll take my Miami beaches any day. Any day.”


Cinthya Carmona: “I always said that if I did get a tattoo, I would get a tattoo that says ‘305 til I die,’ and then my parents would officially have a heart attack.”

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