Movies On Demand is just explosive this week, and there’s no telling if it’ll bomb — in a good or bad way. We can’t tell you that, but we can tell you what you’re in store for, and this is a bunch of good news. From holiday cheer to cult-ish man dome, here’s what you got steamin’ hot at ‘ya in this week’s Showtime.

Angus Cloud (as Sterling): “Whoa, whoa, whoa, give me that ticket, old man. A hundred and fifty-six million! Give me that ticket right now!”

You buy a lottery ticket, and it hits for $156 million, but then you get robbed at the same time. Bummer!

This is what happens in the thriller “Your Lucky Day,” starring the late Angus Cloud. To keep the moolah, blood has to spill.

Colman Domingo (as Bayard Rustin): “How many bodies does it take to surround the White House?”

Lilli Kay (as Rachelle): “How many? Sorry, I thought that was a set up for a joke. You literally want me to find out?”

Colman Domingo (as Bayard Rustin): “Yes!”

“Rustin” is a biographical drama about civil rights activist Bayard Rustin.

Produced by Barack and Michelle Obama, the story centers around the 1963 March on Washington, D.C., the massive protest where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the powerful “I Have a Dream” speech.

Adrien Brody (as Dad Dan): “Take back your power, Ralph. Welcome, Ralph, son, to Manodrome.”

Adrien Brody is the leader of men in “Manodrome,” and Jesse Eisenberg is an Uber driver who gets introduced to a self-help/cult-like all-male group. After joining, he has a breakdown and goes crazy.

Brandy Norwood (as Jackie Jennings): “Life just seems to fly by when you’re having a splendiferous time.”

Heather Graham (as Charlotte Sanders): “Oh, is that…?”

Jason Biggs (as Rob Sanders): “The Jennings Holiday Newsletter.”

Heather Graham (as Charlotte Sanders): “It’s the most absurd thing ever.”

Everybody has that perfect friend … with the perfect life, perfect house, perfect husband, blah, blah, blah.

In “Best. Christmas. Ever!” singer Brandy plays that “all put together” gal-pal, and Heather Graham is hating bad.

Kevin Connolly (as Gerald): “Oh, Claus-trophobic.”

Ludacris (as Eddie Garrick): “I’m sorry, what?”

Kevin Connolly (as Gerald): “Claus-trophobic, fear of Santa Claus.”

Ludacris (as Eddie Garrick): “That’s ludicrous.”

Ludacris is a Grinch in the holiday family movie “Dashing Through the Snow.”

He hates Christmas, bit Nick, dressed in a red suit, needs his help. Trying to be a good guy for his daughter, he gives him a ride, and he finds joy in the season.

Lil Rel Howery (as Nick): “It’s a sleigh being pulled by eight beautiful reindeer. It’s mispaired to Pinktooth.”

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