As a DJ, Jillionaire made music for your ears. As a chef, he’s making music for your mouth, and if his Clyde’s Caribbean goes big time, he may have to change his name to Mega Jillionaire!

He’s mixed music as a DJ for Major Lazer for 10 years.

Chris Leacock: “We toured the world, and we brought Caribbean music all over the world, so now the same thing that I did for Caribbean music, I’m gonna do for Caribbean food.”

And now, Chris Leacock, aka Jillionaire, is mixing up recipes for his new restaurant, Clyde’s Caribbean, inside the Time Out Market Miami.

Chris Leacock: “We serve Trinidadian dishes with a modern flair.”

Named after his grandfather, Clyde Byer, Chris is bringing a little taste of Trinidad to the 305.

Chris Leacock: “He’s always been sort of a driving factor for everything that I have done, so the name was a no-brainer to me.”

Here’s what you can snack on at Clyde’s.

Chris Leacock: “Jerk chicken, we do a fish of the day, we do codfish fritters, we do a pumpkin soup.”

But the star of the menu is fried mahi mahi in fried dough bread, called…

Chris Leacock: “Bake and Fish, which is a traditional Trinidadian street food item. It’s usually served at the beach, at celebrations, at festivals, and it is incredibly delicious.”

Crystal Ramkissoon, diner: “It brings back so many memories from being back home. It takes the things that I love about Trinidadian cuisine, but certainly elevates it, and makes it more appealing maybe to a wider audience.”

Serving nostalgic food is just the beginning for Clyde’s, because Chris has big plans for the eatery.

Chris Leacock: “We’re gonna have events, and we’re gonna showcase the music, and the culture and the creativity of our people.”

“Clyde’s Caribbean” opens for business on Thursday.

They’re also hosting a three-day Trinidad carnival themed celebration starting Friday.

Clyde’s Caribbean
Time Out Market Miami
1601 Drexel Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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