CENA by Michy

It’s a Tuesday night. It’s early, 7pm. Sunday was Mother’s Day. This would be a recipe for a slow night at most restaurants but notRead More

Bistro Cassis

Délicieux, charmant, comfortable. That’s delicious, charming and cozy to you and me just like Bistro Cassis, the new eatery that just opened in Midtown Miami.Read More


So I’m cruising through Instagram and see these posts from my foodie friends. These amaze-balls pictures of food that are so beautifully presented it’s likeRead More


Have you ever eaten at a restaurant where every single dish that comes from the kitchen is absolutely-freakin’-awesome? Every dish tastes so fresh and everythingRead More

The Butcher Shop

So I walk into The Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill and I look around. People are drinking beer, sitting around communal wooden tables, sunlightRead More


I love my mother. I do. She’s awesome but i’m close to positive there’s no way we could work together. Lucky for us Jessica SanchezRead More

Mina’s Mediterraneo

So you’ve been tour manager for Cher, Beyonce, Britney and Gloria just to name a few. You’ve been on the road 345 of 365 daysRead More


Cleo, the new restaurant at The Redbury South Beach hotel, is a place I kept hearing about, but wasn’t really sure what to expect. TheRead More

Quality Meats

Quality Meats, that’s what this new Miami Beach restaurant is called. But don’t let the name fool you. There’s plenty for non-carnivores to enjoy hereRead More

Cafe at Books and Books

If you’ve lived in the Miami area for more than 5 minutes chances are you’ve been to a Books and Books location in the area.Read More