Cafe at Books and Books

If you’ve lived in the Miami area for more than 5 minutes chances are you’ve been to a Books and Books location in the area.Read More

Coyo Taco

Belkys: Hey Ethan wanna have dinner next week? 19 year old nephew Ethan: Sure Bel. Belkys: Let’s go to this new place that opened inRead More

Finka Table and Tap

I’m not gonna lie: Finka Table and Tap is not in my neck of the woods. Matter of fact, I haven’t been in that neckRead More


New York, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, St. Barths, St. Tropez and now, finally, Miami Beach. Bagatelle, the restaurant known as much for its party atmoshpereRead More

Vagabond Restaurant & Bar

Vagabond as defined by Websters (on line, of course, not in that actual book with millions of words in it): a person who travels fromRead More

Bodega Taqueira y Tequila

Mexican food. I love it. I hate it. Love it because, really, what’s not to love? The yummy tacos, the gooey cheesy dishes, salty margaritas.Read More

Ms. Cheezious

I have a confession to make. I did NOT eat grilled cheese as a kid. I grew up in Hialeah with a divorced single momRead More