Mexican food.

I love it.

I hate it.

Love it because, really, what’s not to love? The yummy tacos, the gooey cheesy dishes, salty margaritas. I mean come on!

Hate it mostly because of the chip basket. They set it on the table before you’ve even ordered and that’s it. It’s over. I can’t eat just a few chips dipped in just a little bit of salsa or guac. Nooooooooooooooo! I’ve gotta gorge so by the time my food actually arrives I want to kill myself. I’m convinced those chips are the devil’s food. He put them on earth.

Well, the devil might be responsible for the chips, but the new Bodega Taqueira y Tequila on Miami Beach is like a slice of heaven. Chef Bernie Matz calls it “shepard style” Mexican street food and it’s served out of a vintage Airstream taco truck. The place is “casual, first come first serve seating, stand in line and order your food and get one of those giant beeper things that lights up when it’s ready” style. The “barbacoa” taco ($4) is to die for and the “late night” torta ($14) tastes like a vaca frita (google it) sandwich.

At the back of the restaurant there’s a door with a neon sign above which reads “meat market” open that door and you’ve discovered the Bodega speakeasy. A 5-thousand square foot secret (not so secret) space with a bar, velvet couches, vintage signs, a pool table and a d-j. The vibe is chill. The mood: relaxed, anything goes, it’s all good. They serve food back here as well but only until 9:30pm because after that, well, let’s just say you’ll wish you hadn’t eaten so many chips.

Belkys Best Bite: Late Night Torta

Bodega Taqueira y Tequila
1220 16th Street
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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