I’m not gonna lie: Finka Table and Tap is not in my neck of the woods. Matter of fact, I haven’t been in that neck in a very, very long time but I was glad I made the drive to West Kendall to finally try the eatery that’s been getting such good buzz since it opened. Now I know why: Chef Eileen Andrade is on to something.

The 26 year old was practically raised in one of Miami’s most well know Cuban kitchens. Her grandfather owned “Islas Canarias” a Little Havana institution. During my visit she told me while growing up she did everything in her power to avoid the family biz. She even tried a stint in fashion school at one point. But eventually she realized her heart was in the kitchen. Now she takes some of those Cuban classics of her childhood and gives them her own unique twist

Take her empanadas. Instead of the typical beef or cheese at Finka Table and Tap they change them up twice a week. The day of my visit they were made with lamb served with a tahini and aji amarillo sauce. Croquetas are served with a dab of cilantro aioli for dipping ($8). Then there’s the Cuban Fried Rice ($15). A fried rice made with shrimp, red peppers, scallions, cilantro aioli, pineapple, and MADUROS (fried sweet plaintains) Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat???!!!! Those pieces of maduros/fried sweet plantains make this dish one to remember. It’s sweet and salty and dee-lish topped with a fried egg to boot.

I was there for lunch on a Saturday. The place was buzzing. The middle aged couple, sitting next to the young hipster couple, sitting next to the family with kids, sitting next to abuela and abuelo. There’s something for everybody on the Finka Table and Tap menu cuz lucky for us that fashion thing didn’t work out for Chef Eileen.

Belkys Best Bite: Cuban Fried Rice

Finka Table and Tap
14690 SW 26 St.
Miami, FL 33175

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