I have a confession to make.

I did NOT eat grilled cheese as a kid.

I grew up in Hialeah with a divorced single mom who never made grilled cheese. She’d never heard of it. If I asked for it the conversation would have gone something like this:

Belkys: mami make me un grilled cheese

Mom: greell cheee — que es eso, belkysita? (google translate it, well the belkysita part means little belkys)

So as a result I was deprived as a child. Never got that ooey-gooey comfort food most of you delighted in while you were growing up.

I had my first grilled cheese when I was around 17 at the Denny’s on West 49th street in Hialeah after attending a high school house party. I saw it on the menu and ordered it. Needless to say it changed my life.

Enter Ms. Cheezious the grilled cheese food truck that rolled into town in 2010. The partners had a hit on their hands the minute they fired up the griddle. Now fast forward to 2015, the Ms. Cheezious partners have opened their first freestanding restaurant offering some of their truck classics and some new soon to be favorites.

During the opening party I sampled a few:

Smoked Turkey ($8)

House smoked turkey, fontina cheese on sourdough bread. The best part is the rosemary honey that sneaks up on your tastebuds at the end.

Frito Pie Melt ($7)

Chili, american cheese, onions and Fritos on sourdough bread. Yes, I’m talking about THOSE Fritos, It’s just crunchy goodness.

Croqueta Monsieur ($8)

Ham croquettes, tavern ham, swiss cheese, bechamel sauce on soughdough bread. It’s Ms. Cheezious’s take on a classic French croque-monsieur but it’s topped with a cuban croquetta!!!!!! I don’t know how I ever went so long without tasting something like this.

Once again a grilled cheese sandwich has changed my life. Now, I can’t wait to take my mom to Ms. Cheezious so I can change her life and maybe once and for all she’ll learn how to make me a “greell-cheee”.

Belkys Best Bite: Croqueta Monsieur

Ms. Cheezious
7418 Biscayne Blvd. 
Miami, FL 33138

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