Happy Friday, South Florida!

Spring has officially began but temperatures in South Florida have decided to stick with winter for a few more days.  After a rainy start to the workweek, a cold front finally pushed through South Florida on Thursday, wiping away all of the warmth and moisture with it.  Behind Thursday’s cold front, temperatures have cooled and the air has dried out.

South Florida started off in the 50s this morning and despite the abundance of sunshine in the forecast today, afternoon temperatures will remain in the mid 70s (which will leave South Florida unseasonably cool today!).  And after days of warm temperatures in the 80s and high humidity, this morning’s temperatures truly felt cool to the touch.

But if you thought this morning was on the cool side then don’t put away those jackets just yet.  Temperatures tonight have the potential to be slightly cooler than we saw this morning.  That means SWEATER WEATHER continues for the start of the weekend!  And while Saturday morning looks to be the coolest morning of the week, afternoon temperatures will be closer to average by the afternoon hours.

A gradual warming trend is expected to begin by the latter part of the weekend.  As many [locals and visitors] hit the beach this weekend, it is important to keep safety in mind.  A Northeast swell has kicked up Atlantic waters a bit & has increased the RIP CURRENT RISK along Atlantic beaches.  Risk looks to be even higher for the weekend as winds off the water are expected to pick up.

As a reminder for those going swimming…if you get caught in a rip current, please do not try to fight it.  Continue to swim parallel to the shoreline until you are out of the rip tide and then swim back to shore.

Ocean breeze returns to the forecast by Sunday.  A wind off the water, together with a weak front pushing through the area could help trigger a few spotty showers by the end of the weekend and start of the work week.  Temperatures will continue to warm until another cold front reaches South Florida mid-week and knocks temperatures down a few degrees again.

Good news is that apart from a spotty shower or two, South Florida is expected to remain mainly dry through the end of the next work week.

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