Tracking two

Our south Florida weather will soon be “perking up” following a nice lull!  Two storm systems are making headlines across the nation and both will have a role in our local pattern.   While the brunt of the storm energy will stay far from us, associated fronts will head our way.   The first cold front, absent any cooling, will drop into Florida on Monday.  Clouds will increase and a few rain bands will drift around by sunset.   Ultimately, the front will flatten and simply stall by Monday night.   The reason?  Upper air winds will prevent it from moving as far south as the Florida Keys.   The weak remains of the boundary should linger near us on Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, so we’ll still watch for spotty showers with left over clouds.   More changes will follow into the midweek.   The front is expected to lift back north (and dissipate).   As that happens, our winds will shift more out of the south… ramping up the warmth on Wednesday!  Highs should soar into the middle 80’s, but it won’t last.   Another cold front will be on the approach from the Gulf states, reaching Florida on Thursday.  After a batch of rain, some noticeable cooling will move our way.   You’ll start to feel the difference beyond the frontal passage (late Thursday).  Then, Friday has the potential of being the nicest day of the upcoming week.  Clear and dry air will arrive… in advance of the upcoming holiday weekend.