Happy Sunday, South Florida!

The start of the weekend was not so bad after all. South Florida saw plenty of sunshine, a breezy Northeast wind and that helped our warm temperatures in the upper 80s be a bit more bearable. We were not 100% dry though. There were a few showers especially across southern Miami-Dade and the Keys. This morning, though, we can already see that the day will be different as we started off with widespread showers across our local waters and across the Florida Keys.

The front that we spoke about yesterday is now currently over South Florida. Unfortunately this front won’t clear our area and will eventually fall apart over us later today. At the same time, there is a disturbance over the Bahamas that will slowly push towards our area throughout the day today. These two features, together with a strong Northeast wind, will help keep widespread Showers and thunderstorms across our area today.

So let’s talk about today. South Florida will see increasing rain and thunderstorm activity as we continue on through the day. And as rain chances continue to go up, flooding could become a concern across our area especially along our coastal areas as our tides are running higher than average due to the new moon phase cycle. Afternoon temperatures will remain in the 80s but they will be running about a degree or two cooler than we’ve seen the last few days due to the increase in cloud cover, rain and thunderstorms.

Parts of South Florida remain under a coastal flood advisory and that includes Miami-Dade and Broward county along with the upper Keys. The middle and lower keys will also experience some minor salt water flooding especially during times of high tide. This is all due to the King tides that have returned due to the new moon phase cycle.

Looking ahead, South Florida will remain on the wet side to start the work week as plenty of moisture will remain in our area. Scattered showers and a breezy East to Northeast wind will stick around through the start of the week. But as we head into the middle of the workweek it looks like our rain chances here in South Florida go back to typical for this time of year so will be talking more isolated to scattered showers than the widespread activity we are expecting today. The one common denominator we will continue to have is a breezy to even windy weather pattern. As high pressure builds to the north of us and an area of low pressure develops in the Caribbean (one that the National Hurricane Center is watching), South Florida will be lodged between these two weather features, increasing our wind speeds here.