Depressing rains

Newly formed Tropical Depression Nine is shifting into the southeastern Gulf of Mexico.  On Sunday, the disturbance continued to cruise across the Straits of Florida while getting better organized.   The depression will have a decent chance on becoming the season’s next storm. In fact, the latest forecast hints at that happening later on Monday.   The main impacts across south Florida will be periods of rain… even as the system moves away.   A steady stream of deep moisture is trailing the system (on the back side of it).   Over the next few days, expect occasional rounds of heavy rain.  If the rain focuses on the same locations, it could turn out to be a flooding concern.  Stay tuned. Elsewhere in the tropics, there’s another depression (Eight) that could come close to the outer banks of North Carolina before veering away.  Finally, Hurricane Gaston is healthy and strong over the west central Atlantic.   It’s not a threat to land, whatsoever.