Happy Saturday, South Florida!

It hasn’t been the best week for South Florida.  After a wet work week, it looks like conditions through the weekend will remain on the soggy side.  A muggy & cloudy start to our morning will give way showers & thunderstorms later today.  The difference today is that showers and thunderstorms will be possible at any given time today.  A stalled front across the northern half of our state has trapped moisture across all points south of it.  That goes for us here in South Florida where we are seeing the majority of the moisture in the form of clouds.


The ocean breeze has returned to the forecast this morning and as we are all too familiar with, that means overnight & early morning showers are back in the forecast!  And earlier this morning, showers and thunderstorms were pushing through coastal areas as they came in from the Atlantic.  But the ocean breeze isn’t all bad.  While anytime showers & storms remain in the forecast today, that ocean breeze will help push the strongest of the storms and heaviest of the rain towards Interior sections of South Florida whereas compared to the past few days, the majority of the activity was pushed towards the East Coast.

Another positive to the ocean breeze is that those steamy temperatures in the mid 90s and the FEELS LIKE temperatures in the 100s will be out of the forecast through the start of the upcoming work week.  Now THAT’S something to celebrate about!

But it can’t all be positive.  Rain & thunderstorm chances stick around this weekend, with slightly higher rain & storm chances for the start of the upcoming work week.  But we won’t let the rain put a damper on this special weekend!

Speaking of this weekend….it’s Father’s Day!  Showers & thunderstorms will be a big part of the forecast so be sure to plan accordingly and have that umbrella with you at all times.


Enjoy your special weekend with Dad!


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