Another warm day is ahead, South Florida!

This morning, we woke up to nothing but clear skies. Here’s a look just outside our North Bay Village studios as the sun was rising.

Today, expect a repeat of yesterday – warm temperatures and clear skies with just a spotty shower chance later on tonight.

After today, a cold front that’s currently over northern Florida will slowly move toward the south. It should be over South Florida by tomorrow morning, bringing us some showers and breezy conditions along with mild temperatures. By Wednesday, the front clears the state and leaves us with cooler, less humid conditions as high pressure builds.

After being in the mid-80’s the last few days, temperatures will go down to a comfortable 79 degrees on both Wednesday and Thursday. As we head into the weekend, our temperatures will be mild.

Although we’ve been enjoying mostly dry days, some showers are expected tomorrow, but for good reason! A front will bring us those showers, but once it clears, we will be back to dry conditions.

We are in King Tides season across South Florida, so coastal flooding is possible during times of high tide.

As of the 7:00 A.M. Advisory, Hurricane Iota continues moving toward the Nicaragua-Honduras coastline as a category 4 hurricane with 155 mph after rapidly intensifying.

It will make landfall overnight tonight near the Nicaragua-Honduras border as a category 4 hurricane. After making landfall, it will track west and eventually dissipate later this week.

Elsewhere in the tropics, an area of low pressure could form in the yellow shaded area. It will have a chance of developing later this week as it moves west.

Make it a great day, South Florida!

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