If you need a great reason to break your intermittent fasting, a five-course food and drink pairing might be right for you. TUR Kitchen in Coral Gables has an interactive experience that’ll give you an arm workout … from all the toasting and eating you’ll be doing.

Luca Delogu, TUR owner: “Come to TUR and let the adventure begin. It’s all about the journey.”

And this journey starts with TUR Kitchen as your tour guide.

Their new tasting special will have you speaking Greek.

Luca Delogu: “It’s a cocktail pairing experience, and it’s called Yamas, which in Greek means ‘cheers,’ in good health. It’s a five-course tasting menu. Each guest will actually enjoy the five courses in a tasting portion with a cocktail.”

And these flavorful courses are only available at their newly renovated bar.

Luca Delogu: “We want them to have fun, enjoy great food in a wonderful ambiance, in a beautiful bar, and experience new flavors. The journey begins with a wonderful amuse-bouche — with fresh watermelon and gazpacho and spicy tequila drops — and then moves into Seasonal Roots.”

Here comes the bold flavors of the sea, like the roasted squid and this delicate fish.

Luca Delogu: “Branzino comes in a wooden tray and has a lighthouse on the side, beautiful tall glass, foamy drink.”

Then take out your phones for this Instagrammable moment.

Luca Delogu: “It’s camping, so imagine you receive a briefcase, and you open it and [there’s] a beautiful surprise in it. You have the actual lamb chops, and also a drink, and then we finish with a fun interactive dessert in a glass, if you will — there’s smoke, there’s herbs, there’s a mezcal and, obviously, chocolate.”

This not-so-basic immersive menu will challenge all your senses.

Kathleen Schreiber: “Everything was so good. I would say probably the branzino was my favorite. The fish was just phenomenal. The drink was amazing, and the fish was just phenomenal. It’s like a good vibe in here. I’ve never experienced anything like it, ever, especially in Miami. It’s so much different than anywhere else.”

The Yamas Mediterranean Journey is $125 per person. Seats are limited.

TUR Kitchen
259 Giralda Ave.
Coral Gables, FL 33134

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