CORAL GABLES, FLA. (WSVN) - Miguel Rojas has one year left in his contract with the Miami Marlins for the 2023 season, but that is not stopping him from pursuing a career in music.

He plans to be involved with baseball if he ever leaves the sport behind, but at the same time, Rojas already has a plan in place that can be considered music to the ears of artists in his home country of Venezuela.

The Marlins infielder continues his rehab for off-season wrist surgery while working to help artists on his new MR music label he started six months ago.

“We just wanna make sure that the music is good and the pressure that comes from that, is gonna be coming from me because I’m the one putting down the money,” said Rojas. “At the end of the day, I’m gonna ask [the artists] for a good product.”

Music runs through the Rojas family thanks to his mother, Norma. She once recorded albums in their home country.

“My mom, I remember, she was a doctor by occupation, but what she really wanted to do — her passion — was music,” said Rojas. “So for me to keep the legacy up and for me to continue to do what my family did. I just wanted to start a label and get a couple of artists. I’m really excited about what the future holds in this industry.”

Rojas’s sister, Noelia, is a producer and engineer for the recording studio based in Venezuela.

Although the athlete can hit a curveball, Rojas has realized that the music industry has a learning curve.

“I really enjoy music, but I don’t know the difference between good and bad [music],” said Rojas. “I’m starting to learn. My sister has been teaching me a lot about how to get better with [having an ear for music].”

The baseball player was recently in a music video with an artist he is working with, Anuel AA. The video was shot in LoanDepot Park.

“He recommended someone to me,” said Rojas. “I’m actually going to have a group of people in Venezuela scouting talent for music so, I want to give them opportunities because I know there is a lot of talent but they don’t have the money or the equipment to sing. We are working on giving them the opportunity to produce enough music in Venezuela to actually showcase their talent in different countries in Latin America and the final step would be bringing them to Miami.”

Rojas continues to use his mother as an inspiration by using her music as his walk-up songs for games at LoanDepot Park just as he did last season.

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