Dolphins stadium renovations might not be done on time

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) - TV and radio personality Hank Goldberg told 7News that the renovations to New Miami Stadium might not be done in time for the start of football season.

“This would be a very difficult situation,” Goldberg said. “You’ve got people who paid for their season tickets in December, so the Dolphins have been holding all that money, and now they’re gonna have to return it if they lose those home games. That’s a colossal book keeping nightmare.”

Goldberg said sources with knowledge of the project believe it will be close, and the Dolphins wouldn’t be the only team affected. Goldberg said the University of Miami is concerned that the Hurricanes football team’s games might need to be moved.

“The University of Miami is very concerned,” Goldberg said.

Part of a statement from UM Athletic Director Blake James read, “We are very excited about what these improvements will mean for our fans and game day atmosphere. We still expect to play all of our games at the stadium. However, we’re aware that things could change, and if they do we have a contingency plan in place if needed.”

Goldberg said that if bad weather or something else stalled construction, UM’s home game against arch rival Florida State University, on Oct. 8, and the Dolphin’s home opener on Sept. 25, could be in jeopardy.

He said any problems could affect the team’s relationship with its fans.

“They become further irrelevant, and you’ve got unhappy season ticket holders,” he said.

The Dolphins said the schedule is tight, but the stadium should be ready for games by September.