JESSICA CHASTAIN: "I was having dinner with some friends, it was a really late night. And the waiter came up to our table and was kind of like a ghost and said 'they just killed Bin-Laden."

For Jessica, it brought her personal story full circle.

JESSICA CHASTAIN: "It was a big moment because I was also in New York for 9/11 as a student at Juliard at that time."

Jason Clark, who plays an interrogator extrordinaire, was in the belly of the beast on 9/11.

JASON CLARK: "9/11 I was in Pakistan in the mountains. When I found out, I was in Goldum a small country town."

He was hiking and now, it's an experience that is burned into his mind.

JASON CLARK: "It came on the radio and I just remember listening to it and one of the things was the sounds coming out of New York. People on the streets and all that."

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