Will to Walk

WSVN — This may look like any other gym but these clients are working out in wheelchairs. Neuro-Fit 360 just opened in Pembroke Pines catering mostly to those with spinal cord injuries.Gee Romain: "We exercise the whole body, especially the part that's injured."Under the guidance of physical therapist Gee Romain, clients are encouraged to push beyond their limits.Like 22-year-old David Lopez. He had just graduated from high school when a car accident changed his life forever.David Lopez: "Racing around, lost control in the merge lane, we hit one of the light poles, and then flew out."His injuries were severe.David Lopez: "Two skull fractures, one here and one in the back. I lost hearing in my left ear."And he was left to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. But David wanted more.David Lopez: "I wanted to stand up. I wanted to stretch, walk, I wanted it all."With the help of some specialized equipment Gee is able to carefully get David on his feet standing.The hope is to re-generate the muscles.Guy Romain: "We've learned that once you stand, you reactivate the body to make the re-connection to the brain."Susan Solman never thought she would wind up in a wheelchair.Susan Solman: "I had a spinal cord tumor 10 years ago and when it was removed I ended up in a wheelchair."It turned her life upside-down then she found Gee. Susan Solman: "He really has a concept of being beyond physical therapy taking you to whatever step you think is possible for yourself."At Neuro-Fit 360, a special machine with a harness allows her to stand up. Susan Solman: "I can actually stand straight and my body says wow and it wants to stay that way."And even walk.Guy Romain:  "Stand her up and get her on the elliptical motion, which is a great way to get the gait pattern, the walking pattern down."The goal is to become more independent.Susan Solman: "It just feels better. I feel stronger. I feel healthier. I have more energy."With the hope of one day walking again on their own.David Lopez: "Coach some football if I have some kids eventually, show them how to get it done on the field."Diana Diaz: "Neuro-fit 360 works like a gym membership and is not covered by insurance."FOR MORE INFORMATION:NeuroFit 360Neurological Injury Recovery & Wellness Center19541 Sheridan StreetPembroke Pines, FL 33332Tel: (954) 252-8020www.neurofit360.com