WSVN — As Patrick Fraser tells us in tonight's Out For Justice, police and family are asking for anyone with information to come forward and put some dangerous killers behind bars.

Songwriters, authors and poets are often inspired by their lives.

Miami poet Will Bell was called "Da Real One" because his poetry was blunt. Talking about anger, poverty, murder, on and on.

Cynthia Bell: "He kept it real, the things he spoke about, they were actually the things that's happening today. Like you know, the drug world and the young girls getting pregnant."

But if you want to see and hear Will Bell talk about the things he saw in his life, you have to go to YouTube, because Will is gone.

Richard Masten: "He was murdered in the parking right outside his business. It was a cold blooded murder. There were several folks involved."

Will was a successful poet. He became friends with well known celebrities, performing on HBO's Def Poetry Jam.

He even opened the Literary Cafe and Poetry Lounge in North Miami where he and other poets could express themselves on stage.

Cynthia Bell: "Everything is like true, it's from the heart, it's things that he witnessed."

Will spoke from the heart, but after performing in May 2011, he walked outside and a bullet made his heart stop beating.

Richard Masten: "One subject got out, pulled out a handgun and shot him and he died instantly on the scene."

Fortunately there were plenty of witnesses standing out here that night. Unfortunately, it's South Florida where many witnesses have selective amnesia.

Richard Masten: "We start with the baseline of the no snitching culture that you're aware of. It's a very frustrating thing here in South Florida. That's difficult in these cases to get someone to come forward."

Some of the people who were out there when Will was gunned down describe the get away car as black, some blue. Others said it had a spoiler, others said no. No-one had a good description of the killer. The silence leaves Cynthia steaming.

Cynthia Bell: "Come out and say something because if they really knew him like they say they do they'll know it's the right thing to do because he would have done it for them."

Who would want to kill a person who wrote poetry to try to inspire struggling people? No one is saying. Cynthia said her brother was so quiet in the days before he was murdered. She asked if anything was wrong, he said no. A year later, he is gone, his cafe has closed and the killers are still roaming around.

Cynthia Bell: "He was good person. He was so much loved by everybody but look how he got taken out, you know?"

Dick Masten at Miami-Dade CrimeStoppers said so many people were there that night, someone knows something and he can make that someone a promise.

Dick Masten: "We promise and guarantee them anonymity. We'll never ask their name, we'll never ask them any personal information. All we're interested in is what they know about the case."

His family, friends and followers mourned his death. And now they want to see what Will might have written about poetic justice.

Cynthia Bell: "You could still show love you could still break the case open. That way the family could have rest, they could be at peace."

Help a family. Help do the right thing for a man who tried to inspire others. Give CrimeStoppers a call, a $1,000 reward is waiting for you. And if you've lost a loved and want to show people you're still Out for Justice, give us a call.


Out For Justice: 305-598-HELP (4357) in Miami-Dade or 954-796-HELP (4357) in Broward

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