Zappos to assist with funeral costs for all victims of Las Vegas mass shooting

LAS VEGAS (WSVN) — Online retailer Zappos is offering to help pay for the funerals of all 58 victims who died in the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Fox 5 reports the company, which is based in Las Vegas, is offering one-on-one support to cover costs for those who request financial help. So far, the company has assisted three families.

“We don’t want them to have to skimp on funerals, so we have been paying those out straight to the funeral homes, trying to get the (victims’) bodies from one state to another,” said Steven Bautista, head of Zappos for Good, to the Las Vegas Sun.

Bautista says that any families that need immediate assistance with any funeral-related expenses, including transportation, caskets, and flower arrangements should reach out via email to

The company is also matching donations up to $1 million, and says 100 percent of the money will go to victims and their families. Zappos also said it will cover all associated fees. To donate, visit the fundraiser page on their website.