Yes, clam-flavored candy canes are a thing

MUKILTEO, Wash. (WSVN) — Need to buy stocking stuffers for those on Santa’s naughty list? When coal just won’t cut it, seafood-flavored treats might do the trick.

Archie McPhee, the creator of pickle-flavored and bacon-flavored candy canes, has added a new flavor to their line-up: clam-flavored candy canes.

The 5.25 inch candy canes sport gray and white stripes, with a rather, um… “unique” seafood flavor.

“They’re a candy clamity!” the product’s description reads. “If anyone complains, just tell them to clam up.”

The candy comes in a set of six, and a box goes for $5.95.

As if that wasn’t enough, the company also created another candy cane no one asked for: mac-and-cheese flavor.

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