Woman says energy drinks caused husband to lose part of his brain

(WSVN) - A woman is claiming that her husband’s severe consumption of energy drinks has led to him losing part of his brain.

According to Fox 13, a now-deleted Facebook post by Endres Photography detailed the story of a woman named Brianna and her husband, Austin. The couple’s last names were not shared.

While nine-months pregnant, Brianna said Austin was hospitalized for an unknown reason. Later on, Brianna discovered Austin had suffered a brain hemorrhage from an “excessive energy drink consumption,” Fox 13 reports.

“The doctors concluded (after running his tox screen and ruling out drugs) that this horrible event was due to his recent excessive energy drink consumption (a habit he had built when he started working longer hours and commuting),” Brianna reportedly said in the post.

Brianna eventually gave birth to their child while Austin was still in the hospital, and for the first few weeks, mother and child accompanied Austin as he underwent additional procedures and operations.

Fox 13 reports that Austin was eventually able to come home, but now his wife has to take care of both her husband and their child.

“I wake up every day to take care of our beautiful little boy and my husband,” she wrote. “I prepare the meals, do physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. I help him with personal hygiene. I help him walk. I help him with every aspect of his life. And in between these tasks I take care of our very busy eight month old. It is hard, and I am tired, but we make the most of it. He isn’t the same man I fell in love with, but I still fall further everyday, We are fighting to help him recover. To make his life better.”

Fox News reports the couple has declined requests for an interview, and asked the photographer to delete the post since they were overwhelmed by their story’s publicity.

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