Winter storms unearth century-old ‘ghost’ railroad tracks in New Jersey

NORTH CAPE MAY, N.J. (WSVN) — After back to back winter storms in the Northeast, centry-old railroad tracks have made a reappearance on a New Jersey beach.

According to, the railroad tracks are over 100 years old, and usually make an appearance during low tide or when a heavy storm hits the area.

The “ghost tracks” are from an old rail line that was once used as support for sand mining and ammunition testing during World War I.

When the railroad fell out of use, the tracks eventually became buried under the sand.

The tracks were last seen in summer 2017.

“It was even better this time because I knew what I was looking it,” said New Jersey resident Samantha Heely. “I know some of their history, I know that this eerie thing happens every now and again and I know where to look.”

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