Video captures bobcat fighting with rattlesnake in Arizona

A bobcat and a rattlesnake were caught on camera going toe-to-toe on an Arizona sidewalk.

Scottsdale real estate agent Laura Lucky was showing homes to clients when they spotted the large feline on the sidewalk, CNN affiliate KNXV reports.

“I slam on the brakes and I realize there’s a rattlesnake right in front of him and he’s almost toying with it, almost like playing with it,” Lucky said.

The rattlesnake got in a couple of close shots, but the fast-acting cat eventually prevailed, carting his snake-snack away.

Animal experts say bobcats are not immune to rattlesnake venom, and the feline would’ve been in a lot of pain had the snake made a successful strike. But it is normal behavior for bobcats to take on the slithery reptiles.

“Bobcats are going to eat small animals like snakes, lizards, they’re going to help control that rodent population,” said Kristy Morcom with the Wildlife World Zoo near Phoenix. “Bobcats are pretty opportunistic and they’re going to eat whatever they’re able to catch.”

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