Toddler fist-bumps passengers while boarding flight

KANSAS CITY (WSVN) — A toddler managed to put a smile on the faces of his fellow passengers as he excitedly greeted them on their flight.

Alya Jakubowicz captured video of her adorable 2-year-old son Guy walking down the aisle of the plane, fist-bumping travelers as he boarded.

The video shows the child dragging his blanket behind him, holding his fist out and waiting for others to meet him halfway.

“My son on the campaign trail, attempting to win the hearts of airline passengers in the hopes of becoming the next Southwest ambassador,” his mother wrote on the Instagram video’s caption.

Jakubowicz told Fox 13 that her son first learned about fist-bumping on a previous flight, when he was 18 months old. She says he’s been obsessed with the friendly gesture ever since.

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