Tick bite temporarily paralyzes 3-year-old

LA GRANDE, Ore. (WSVN) — Three-year-old Evelyn Lewis became fussy after her evening bath, and wouldn’t stand to get into her pajamas. Her parents didn’t think much of it… until their little girl could barely move the next morning.

Amanda Lewis posted a video on Facebook that would frighten any parent, showing her little girl struggling to move. She and her husband, Lantz, ended up rushing their daughter to the emergency room, fearing the worst.

The ER doctor told the couple he had seen very few children Evelyn’s age with similar symptoms, and said a tick could be the cause.

“He combed one side of her head and then started combing the back and found the tick,” Lantz told CNN. “He left, got some gloves and a pair of tweezers and pulled it off.”

The doctor said it was a dog tick, and does not typically carry Lyme disease. But what it did cause was tick paralysis, which is caused by a toxin in the tick’s saliva and has the potential to be fatal.

Amanda said her daughter was doing much better and “back to her feisty little self” the next morning, only complaining about itching where the tick had bitten her scalp.

“I’m glad we took her in when we did and that it wasn’t something worse and that we found it before it got worse,” Amanda wrote. “I feel awful for not having seen the little bugger sooner but I never would have even thought to look for a tick. It’s crazy that a little bug can do this!”

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