This company invented clear coffee that won’t stain your teeth

(WSVN) - If you’re one those people who sips coffee out of a straw–even hot coffee–because you’re afraid of staining your teeth, then get ready to get a caffeine-like rush from this: the first colorless and stainless coffee is here.

The “world’s first colorless coffee” is here and it’s called CLEAR COFFEE. According to the website, the clear coffee drink was created in Slovakia and is made from only two ingredients: Arabica coffee beans and water.

For those worried if the coffee-flavored water is flavored with chemicals, the company states that their beverage does not contain “preservatives, artificial flavours, stabilizers, sugar or any other sweeteners.”

We’re a little skeptical, but hey, if you love your pearly whites but have a coffee addiction, give it a try!


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